Getting Started

This guide walks through setting up the user's development environment, the satellite payload's execution environment, and introduces the user to the platform through tutorials.

Consider reading about the fundamentals first - many of the concepts and terms are described.


  1. Tasking API Authentication Token
    1. Contact your program’s technical point of contact to request one
  2. Your company's AWS S3 bucket that was set up with Spire
  3. The FM number of a satellite (Satellite Id) with an SDR payload (read on)
  4. bash, curl, git, python3 & jq
  5. Development Environment Setup
  6. Execution Environment Setup

This site includes the scripts described in the tutorials. Start by grabbing the code:

$ git clone --depth=1

The next step is to query the Tasking API for which satellites & windows the Authentication Token grants access to. The script get_sats in the tutorials directory demonstrates this:

$ tutorials/get_sats "[YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN]"

The example response below shows that the authentication token has access to 2 window types on 1 satellite with id FM1:

  "data": [{
    "id": "FM1",
    "norad_id": "51099",
    "supported_windows": [

More information on this endpoint is available here

Next Steps