Spire Space Services

Software In Space


Run Code In Space

Develop and run code and scripts in a Linux environment on the Satellite.

Perform Experiments & Gather Data

Persistent execution environment for apps and data.

Control Satellite Systems

Programmatic and command line access to transceivers and satellite orientation.

Contact Ground & Space Assets

Let Spire handle the transfer of data, or go direct with inter-satellite and satellite bus networking.

Develop and deploy code to space. Schedule time on satellite hardware. Track targets with a range of antennas and apertures. Analyze data with GPU hardware. Send and receive using Spire ground-stations or self-managed ground assets on a variety of frequencies. Leverage inter-satellite-links for complex real-time operations. Orient satellites to an area of interest.


Payload In Space

Payload in Space is the term used for users that own the payload(s) hosted by Spire on the satellite bus. Users may provide Spire any hardware they wish. Where the customer chooses to run Linux & configure the necessary prerequisites, all of the Software In Space services are provided.

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